Frequently Asked Questions

Planning and Zoning Questions

There is a 2.5% fee when you pay for our services with a credit or debit card. We can either take your information over the phone or you can respond to the payment email from our cloud-based system, GovBuilt, when we email you an invoice.
You need to apply for a building permit if you’re going to build a new structure that is larger than 10’ by 12’, if you’re going to change the footprint or roofline of a building, or if you’re remodeling and going to improve the value of the structure by 50% or more.

  • Elevate building site;
  • Architectural Design

  • Yes, legal agriculture split;
  • Yes, original parcel;
  • Yes, platted lot;
  • Yes, legal platted lot split;
  • No, illegal second split

We have maps that show the current flood plain, but we only have some of the county’s LOMAs on hand. You can go to the FEMA Flood Map Service Center online, enter an address or place, and search for the floodplain/LOMA status of a property.

  • Must meet setback requirements (P&Z);
  • Entrance permits (Public Works);
  • Proof of water (RWD or Health);
  • Percolation Test (Health);
  • Flood-proofing (P&Z)

Setbacks vary depending on the Zoning of the particular property and the purpose of the proposed change/building. Please call the Planning & Zoning Office for your property’s setback requirements.
If you go to the saline County website, click on departments then click on GIS, there is a map of Rural Water Districts that you may view to find out which district your property is in or near. You can even find contact information for each district by clicking on “System Directory” in the information box about that district.

  • All new construction, placement, or replacement of dwelling structures; 
  • All accessory structures over 120 feet; 
  • All residential additions

  • No, if the building site is not located in the 100-year floodplain (1% chance of flooding per year). 
  • Yes, if the building site is located in the 100-year floodplain (1% chance of flooding per year). 
  • No, if a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) is issued.