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Jail Project

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Saline County Jail project is underway with an estimated completion date of September 2023. Sign up today to receive jail project updates and more. 

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Jail Project
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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the jail be built?

Construction should begin in November 2021, with an estimated completion date of September 2023.

Where will the jail be built?

The County has purchased a site in North Salina with an address of 800 E. Pacific Avenue. The building will be located off of Pacific Avenue, behind the existing businesses.

What exactly will be included in the new jail?

The new jail is expected to consist of housing for approximately 392 inmates, with appropriate medical and special needs housing, along with increased space for rehabilitation programming, office spaces for the Sheriff’s Office and adequate parking for staff and public.

What will happen to the current jail?

The County is still exploring options for reuse, with a preference for criminal justice uses. A facility master plan scheduled to be completed in 2022 may help further refine potential uses.

When will the sales tax end?

The sales tax will end once sufficient revenues are collected to pay for the bonds issued to finance jail construction. Currently, that is estimated to take around 18-20 years, but it might be sooner if sales tax revenues grow faster than projected.

When will the bonds be issued?

The first $74.9 million worth of bonds were issued in August 2021. These bonds were sold at a "premium," meaning the County actually netted over $81 million on the sale. The County will evaluate whether it is necessary to sell the remaining bonds authorized by voters. If this is determined to be the best course of action, it is anticipated that they will be issued in the summer of 2023.

When will the sales tax go into effect?

The one-half percent increase in sales tax approved by voters went into effect April 1, 2021.